Bear catching salmon in a stream in Alaska

2021 Cruise Trips You can Book Today!

Book your 2021 cruise or air travel trip today! Have you been dreaming of visiting exotic locations in the Caribbean? Are you longing to see the most famous sights in Europe in person? Do you feel the wild beauty of the Alaska frontier beckoning you? Then, we have great news! You can begin scheduling the vacation of a lifetime through Cruise Elite and receive these amazing travel perks!

Experienced Travel Tips
As travel enthusiasts, we love to hear our extensive experience, great prices, and long-term relationships with top industry companies help our clients discover a passion for exploring their world and returning to places they have fallen in love with again and again. Whether you have been planning this trip in your mind for years or this is a spur-of-the-moment decision, our goal is to pack in as much value as possible. We offer seasoned traveling suggestions, helpful customized itineraries, and so much more! Best of all, it’s all built around you and your interests. Our clients often report they are enjoying their trips so much they are ready to plan the next great adventure before their current vacation has ended!

Visit Alaska
One idea for a memorable journey is to embark on an Alaskan cruise in the fall of 2021. Why the fall? If you want to catch the salmon swimming upstream as seen in Alaska advertisements and nature photos, then aim for September and bring your fishing gear! Plus, long manageably cool days with barely freezing temps at night make the fall season another great reason to head to this wild wonderland. Use this time of year to take a hike and commune with nature where you can witness stunning multi-colored leaves painting the landscapes and, if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of the mysterious dancing Northern Lights!

Cruise Europe
If you ask us, anytime is a great time to cruise around Europe. After all, there is nothing like seeing the famed castles, ornate cathedrals, sprawling vineyards, delightful seaside towns, charming cottages, and romantic bistros. But, there are certain times of the year that may be less popular than others, which could add more value to your trip such as shorter wait times at key tourist sites. Looking to visit in the peak season? Your travel advisor at Cruise Elite can help you make the most out of your time touring the magical locations of your choosing whichever month you decide to go.

Live The Good Life Caribbean Style
For those looking for a more relaxing tropical breeze vibe, sail to a group of picturesque island destinations with our luxury Caribbean cruise packages. Perfect for a family reunion, romantic escape, or a kid-friendly vacation the adults will love too! Your adventures both on the cruise ship and while docked are tailored around your interests to make your stay more than just memorable. This is the ultimate in VIP treatment! The only “rush” that can be found here is at dinnertime as you eagerly await mouth-watering cuisine. With an extensive list of bucket-list-worthy activities for all to enjoy on the ship plus excursions at each port, cruising is the care-free way to see and experience all the world has to offer!

We’re Here to Help!
With award-winning services 8 years in a row, calling our travel agency will feel more like reaching out to your very own travel genie. We will stand ready to assist you from the moment you daydream with us about your ideal vacation with us to your safe arrival home. If plans change, simply let us know and we will contact the airlines, resorts, or cruise lines on your behalf. That’s right, no more hours spent on hold while making phone calls! Your wish is our command for all your travel-related wishes, including cancellations and postponements!

Therefore, book your 2021 cruise or land stay with Cruise Elite, your seasoned traveler’s choice! Are you longing to get a firsthand glimpse of the Alaskan wildlife and glaciers? Do you want to feel transported to a faraway land like something out of a fairytale, classic movie, or top-selling romance novel? Leave your cares behind and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a truly effortless adventure wherever you choose to roam. Reserve your destination travels with your Cruise Elite advisor, and find out why our clients never want to leave home without us! Call us today at 386-673-2473 or fill out our contact form online. Tour the world with Cruise Elite!

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