Father and child kayaking in summer

Reasons to Road Trip Starting Now!

Take a road trip, America! Are you tired of waiting for airlines and cruise lines to take your next family vacation? If you have been putting off your travel plans, we have great news! You can start planning the road trip you never dreamed was possible using tips and customized deals crafted by your experienced travel advisors at Cruise Elite.

The Perks of the Open Road
When you picture your dream vacation, does it include going to quaint places off the beaten path you have never visited before? Perhaps you imagine trying new activities on your bucket list or photographing famous landscapes that appear to be from another world. What if you learned all that you seek could be found right here in the States and the only thing you needed to start exploring everything on your wish list is to speak with your traveling gurus at Cruise Elite?

Vacationing While Social Distancing
Maintaining a safe distance is easy while on your road trip to nearby or long-distance destinations in the U.S. Hotels and resorts are going above and beyond to make your stay a safe and relaxing way to unplug from daily stressors. Plus, instead of sight-seeing within walking distance of your resort, road trips allow you the chance to see it all! Ask us about rental cars and RVs as well as how to find all the best restaurants for foodies, unique finds to turn the ordinary trip into an extraordinary journey, and top pick locations to indulge in your favorite past times. There has never been a better time to take advantage of exciting package deals for locations all over the country!

Visit Your Local Lakes & Rivers
Remember what it was like when you were able to stop rushing from place-to-place and simply enjoyed spending time with your loved ones while taking river tours or a cruise on the open ocean? Get that feeling back with our luxurious stays at tucked away places along the rivers and lakes you’ll want to visit again and again! Let the kids take a leap of faith off the pier into the water as you prepare for your choice of any number of activities. Spend your days perfecting your fishing techniques, falling in love with nature on your kayak tour, and testing your water skiing talents. At night, try your hat at cowboy karaoke by the campfire and find out the perfect marshmallow roasting strategy for the best s’mores.

Tour the Shores
Speaking of water adventures, we can help you find the ideal U.S. beach destination that offers something for everyone! Your adventurous members will get a thrill out of top water sports like surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy paddleboarding on the calm waters that weave through protected marshlands or swimming side-by-side with beloved marine mammals like Florida’s dolphins or manatees. History buffs will have a chance to feel transported back in time as they walk through restored forts and pirate ships. Then, there’s that glistening sand, tropical umbrella drink, freshly caught seafood, and that soothing call of the ocean waves. Tell us your vision for the beach trip of a lifetime and we will take care of the rest. From setting up a value-packed deal including rentals, tours, and hotel stays to customized itineraries and tips on top hangouts you’ll want to visit, we do it all!

Mountain Getaways
If you are looking for cooler temps to go with your stunning scenery, try one of our mountain escape packages! Hike to the peak to take in miles of tree-topped views, bike through scenic trails, take family portraits by cascading waterfalls, float or paddle downstream, taste the farm-to-table difference, or peruse around some of the most picturesque towns you’ll find anywhere. Nearby or far away, if you can dream it, we can help you plan it!

Thus, while we all wait with great anticipation to board next year’s cruise ships and airplanes, you may discover by using our U.S. package deals and award-winning travel services that some of your most treasured trips were to destinations you can reach by car. Get the most value out of your land vacation by calling Cruise Elite at 386-673-2473 today! We handle all your travel arrangements by land, sea, or air so you can truly experience our full VIP treatment and see firsthand why our clients call us “The Seasoned Traveler’s Choice”.

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