The Best Cruise Lines for a Family Vacation

Cruises have a huge variety of activities for all ages, and allow you to bask in luxurious treatment throughout your trip

Vacationing with your entire family can become complicated and stressful quite quickly, and you might feel like it’s impossible to find a vacation that will make your entire family happy. But that doesn’t have to be the case—not when you book a family cruise. Cruises have a huge variety of activities for all ages, and allow you to bask in luxurious treatment throughout your trip. Best of all, it keeps scheduling and itinerary hassles to a minimum, eliminating many of the stresses of traveling with a family. But what’s the best cruise line to use when vacationing with your whole family? Here are some of our top recommendations.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International offers a huge variety of onboard amenities that will appeal to cruisers of all ages. Some ships offer rock climbing walls, ice rinks, and waterslides. Others have zip lines and bumper cars. While the exact amenities vary between one fleet ship and the next, you can rest assured that your kids will find something fun and exciting to do on this cruise line.

Every ship in the fleet also offers many different programs catered specifically for kids and teens, which means you and your spouse can let your children go to their programs while you enjoy some relaxing time in the hot tub, catch a show, or have a spa treatment together. And did we mention that, right now, kids sail for free on Royal Caribbean? Check out our current promotions to learn more and book your family cruise before this sale expires!

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is largely known as the “party” cruise line. Its budget-friendly fares make it an affordable option for many families, and their ships are packed with family-friendly amenities. You’ll find ships with basketball courts, water parks, ropes courses, and more in this fleet, plus many kid-focused programs that will allow your children to meet and get to know the other young cruisers aboard.

Of course, there’s plenty for you and your spouse to enjoy as well. Most ships in the fleet have a casino and an adults-only retreat area that you can escape to for some peace and quiet. Plus, they have a great lineup of evening shows just for adults.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The ships in the Norwegian fleet include children’s clubs where your kids can hang out with the other children on board. There are also many exciting youth programs where your kids can play dodgeball, attend parties and dances, or learn to juggle. Many of these programs are strictly supervised, so you can leave your children without concern, while you go off to enjoy some of the other fantastic on-board amenities.

Dinner with the family while onboard is also made simpler with children’s menus at all of the ships’ restaurants. So, if you want to go to one of the finer dining establishments on board, you can feel comfortable knowing that they will still have a menu of familiar, child-friendly foods available for your kids.

We also currently have a special package offer for Norwegian cruises, which can allow your third and fourth guests to cruise for free. This is an excellent package for families who want to bring their children along on a luxury cruise. Check out our offers to learn more.

Disney Cruise Line

Of course, no list of family-friendly cruises would be complete without mentioning Disney Cruise Line. Disney is the epitome of child-friendly entertainment, and their cruises are no exception. From the kid-friendly amenities, like waterslides and mini golf, to the themed dinners and on-board Disney costume characters, any kid is sure to have the time of their lives on a Disney cruise. There’s also a lengthy roster of shows and entertainment options for the whole family.

But don’t worry, your cruise doesn’t have to be inundated with cartoon characters and Disney music if you don’t want it to be. There are adults-only dining areas on every ship, so you can get away from the excitement for a while whenever you need to.

A cruise is the perfect way to take your family on a luxury vacation without having to stress over your travel plans. Contact Cruise Elite today, and we’ll help you to book the perfect family cruise on a cruise line that will appeal to every member of your family. Be sure to ask us about our current packages and special offers, like the ones mentioned above, to make your family cruise vacation even more affordable!

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