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What Will Cruising Look Like When it Resumes?

Royal Caribbean Group, together with Norwegian Cruises lines, has created a Healthy Sail Panel. This panel of experts has experience in the fields of medicine, biosecurity, hospitality, and maritime operations. Their four-month collaboration, managed by the Leavit Partners team has led to 74 recommendations submitted on September 21, 2020 to the CDC. These recommendations mean we are getting closer to sailing again. The recommendations focused on the five areas listed below.

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Reasons You Want Our Travel Agency to Book Your Next Vacation!

Although the Internet is full of sites promising the lowest rates for hotels and transportation, there are a number of reasons you will want to book your last-minute and future dream vacation with our travel agency! Find out what else you could be enjoying with your travels that you have been missing. After experiencing these many value-packed services, you will see why our clients cannot wait to schedule their next trip with Cruise Elite, Inc. before the first one is over!

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